The Bear and The Man Part-V-


Hunger changes a Man’s heart and after 15 days of non stop peril and not very plentifull food everything was food for him now. Hunger also drives a man to forget one crucial thing, not all thing are edible, especially red mushrroms. Red mushrooms are poisonous and have many negative effects, one of them is rapid exaustion. “Food, food, please help…” and Steve passed out.

“C’mon you slowpoke rise and shine.” said a familiar voice. “Am I dead?” asked Steve. “No you are not. At least not yet.Stand up.” responded the man with a familiar voice. Steve stood up and looked at him ” Dad!, what are you doing here, are you sure that i am not dead.”.

Steve ran up to him and tried to hug his dad but he was hit was in the face.”What the hell dad! Why did you do that?”  he yelled. “You are not worthy. What are you? A guy who was the top student in Bio tech and still works as a meager lab assistant and now is pathetically dying in the middle of nowhere!”. “You return from the dead to mock my career?If that is it let me tell you that I do my best everyday.”.”Son you are still a child, you are no Man. You lack a purpose that drives you! Be a Man! Find that which drives you. Or die here, in the middle of nowhere and be remembered as an unlucky citizen that died in the woods, the kind of person whose name gets forgotten the instant someone stops reading the newspaper”.

“To find my purpose…”


The Bear and The Man Part-IV-


The wolves were just behind him. Steve ran like never before, but wolves are smart animals too, a scent of a bigger predator drove them away. At least Steve ran the right way this time but night coming soon. At Night temperatues dropped to -9ºC even in the lower areas so a fire was becoming an urgent necessity.

One last log remained for the fire, he walked farther to find a dry log, but found a jackpot instead, a huge cave appeared infront of him, It was a perfect camp site. When investigated further an eery reminder of death was in front of him, a human skeleton was lying there, becoming one with nature. If this was a normal camping trip, that skeleton would drive him away but the situation was desperate, a lot of energy was spent running away from the wolves but no food was found, he never had time to hunt. A handfull of mushrooms was his dinner that night.

The next moring, Steve went hunting, a bow and arrows were crafter as weapons and he still had his wooden spear. A goose was taking a swim  in a shallow lake, an arrow was going to pierce right through him. Steve fired. The duck was still alive, even a duck had enough reflexes to dodge an arrow but ducks aren’t smart and it proved that by flying right to the trap.

It was the best breakfast he had in days. He ate it like it was a gourmet dish from a fine restaurant. There was a small painting in the cave that Steve didn’t see. It was depicting a bear roaring in hunger.

A Beast was waiting…

The Bear and The Man Part-III-



by ~nlovejoy3

Steve was eating breakfast, dead slightly wet rabbit. 2 days ago he went missing after an accident, little did they know, the authorities had gone to a conclusion that Steve was eaten by a bear, they couldn´t be blamed, there were bear claw marks all over the car. He was dead to the outside world and left to fend for himself. 

Two days in the wild was more than enough for Steve to set up camp and get used to the surroundings. He was still waiting to be rescued. The nights in the forest were making him paranoid. Animals have more light sensitive eyes than humans and that makes them very reflective even in moon light. Fear started creeping through his back.

Three more days had passed, food was getting harder to get. He decided to leave camp. Steve was going alone into the forest, he had crafted a pouch from rabbit skin and a wooden spear. 

“I Guess I should have listened to you and gone with the scout  forest trips, Dad” said Steve looking into the sky. 

Nature is a tough place. He crossed paths with a baby deer. The little critter had an amazing pelt. He marched onward, 2 hours of walking later he stared at a pack of wolves, the baby deer was with them…

A pack of hungry wolves is very difficult to feed, that is why they are always hungry and after 2 months of winter without prey even a human seemed tasty.

Steve was in big trouble…

Using an iPhone 5C won’t make you cool, here’s why

I still think that Android has the upper hand at least till iphone 6.

AIS Journal

iphone 5C

The iPhone 5C has a problem. It got the tag “cheaper version of iPhone” added to it.

The new iPhones have just been announced and the world is still reacting to the new announcements through different social networks. This was the first Apple event where Apple announced two iPhones at the same time. While I’ve already seen many people putting together their money for the cheaper version of iPhone, I just don’t think they are going to look as cool as previous generation of iPhone users did.

With the introduction of iPhone 5C, Apple just made classifications of its users: Ones that can afford high class (and higher-priced) iPhone, and ones that can’t.

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The Bear and the Man Part-II-


He woke up in the side of the road, his headache was 10 times worse than his worst hangover. Th smell of gas covered the air. He reached out to his pocket to call 911 but a piece of shrapnel was going right through his phone. “I guess I will just have to wait a bit. I am sure people are looking for me.” contemplated Steve until he  was interrupted by the cry of a great grisly bear. The Bear was running towards him. He started runnning into the woods. But a bear is a bear and bears are faster than humans. He had only one choice, to hide near a beaver´s cove just aside the spring.  The grisly lost his scent due to the water and returned into the forest. 

“I guess you were wrong Dad.” Steve´s dad was a forest guard, he always believed that Bears could help humans and that we should learn from them. He was attacked by a Startled Bear that had lost one of her cubs to poachers. He used to say that someday Steve would learn from a Bear.

Steve realized after his adrenaline rush that he was completely lost in the forest. The forest had him now…

The Bear and the Man-Part I-

Image     Bearby ~snosnke0321


 “Man tried reaching the heavens once, the great tower of Babylon was in the making, God sent a warning to him but Man’s arrogance had blinded him. God could not tolerate this endeavor and sent a punishment, every single worker that built the tower of Babylon was sentenced to have a different language than the others, thus creating all languages. Ok now it’s bed time. See you tomorrow” said Steve leaving his long asleep nephew in his room.

“Hey Martha, I am coming to the lab in 20 min.” 

“You know Steve, It’s Late. You can get a good night of sleep and I can cover for you today.”

” Don’t worry I can handle It.” said Steve and cut the call on his phone.

It was a cold night in the Rockies and every cofee shop was closed at the time. Steve pushed on driving mile after mile. And Suddenly a Bear appeared in the middle of the road. He tried dodging it but hit a tree. His Airbag had activated and his head was still concious and firmly atached to his body. But the bear had run away, the fire smoking in the engine was a sign of danger even for animals. Steve crawled out of the car and layed unconcious  on the freshly wet dirt.