The Bear and the Man-Part I-

Image     Bearby ~snosnke0321


 “Man tried reaching the heavens once, the great tower of Babylon was in the making, God sent a warning to him but Man’s arrogance had blinded him. God could not tolerate this endeavor and sent a punishment, every single worker that built the tower of Babylon was sentenced to have a different language than the others, thus creating all languages. Ok now it’s bed time. See you tomorrow” said Steve leaving his long asleep nephew in his room.

“Hey Martha, I am coming to the lab in 20 min.” 

“You know Steve, It’s Late. You can get a good night of sleep and I can cover for you today.”

” Don’t worry I can handle It.” said Steve and cut the call on his phone.

It was a cold night in the Rockies and every cofee shop was closed at the time. Steve pushed on driving mile after mile. And Suddenly a Bear appeared in the middle of the road. He tried dodging it but hit a tree. His Airbag had activated and his head was still concious and firmly atached to his body. But the bear had run away, the fire smoking in the engine was a sign of danger even for animals. Steve crawled out of the car and layed unconcious  on the freshly wet dirt.


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