The Bear and The Man Part-IV-


The wolves were just behind him. Steve ran like never before, but wolves are smart animals too, a scent of a bigger predator drove them away. At least Steve ran the right way this time but night coming soon. At Night temperatues dropped to -9ºC even in the lower areas so a fire was becoming an urgent necessity.

One last log remained for the fire, he walked farther to find a dry log, but found a jackpot instead, a huge cave appeared infront of him, It was a perfect camp site. When investigated further an eery reminder of death was in front of him, a human skeleton was lying there, becoming one with nature. If this was a normal camping trip, that skeleton would drive him away but the situation was desperate, a lot of energy was spent running away from the wolves but no food was found, he never had time to hunt. A handfull of mushrooms was his dinner that night.

The next moring, Steve went hunting, a bow and arrows were crafter as weapons and he still had his wooden spear. A goose was taking a swim  in a shallow lake, an arrow was going to pierce right through him. Steve fired. The duck was still alive, even a duck had enough reflexes to dodge an arrow but ducks aren’t smart and it proved that by flying right to the trap.

It was the best breakfast he had in days. He ate it like it was a gourmet dish from a fine restaurant. There was a small painting in the cave that Steve didn’t see. It was depicting a bear roaring in hunger.

A Beast was waiting…


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