The Bear and The Man Part-V-


Hunger changes a Man’s heart and after 15 days of non stop peril and not very plentifull food everything was food for him now. Hunger also drives a man to forget one crucial thing, not all thing are edible, especially red mushrroms. Red mushrooms are poisonous and have many negative effects, one of them is rapid exaustion. “Food, food, please help…” and Steve passed out.

“C’mon you slowpoke rise and shine.” said a familiar voice. “Am I dead?” asked Steve. “No you are not. At least not yet.Stand up.” responded the man with a familiar voice. Steve stood up and looked at him ” Dad!, what are you doing here, are you sure that i am not dead.”.

Steve ran up to him and tried to hug his dad but he was hit was in the face.”What the hell dad! Why did you do that?”  he yelled. “You are not worthy. What are you? A guy who was the top student in Bio tech and still works as a meager lab assistant and now is pathetically dying in the middle of nowhere!”. “You return from the dead to mock my career?If that is it let me tell you that I do my best everyday.”.”Son you are still a child, you are no Man. You lack a purpose that drives you! Be a Man! Find that which drives you. Or die here, in the middle of nowhere and be remembered as an unlucky citizen that died in the woods, the kind of person whose name gets forgotten the instant someone stops reading the newspaper”.

“To find my purpose…”



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