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The Bear and the Man Part-II-


He woke up in the side of the road, his headache was 10 times worse than his worst hangover. Th smell of gas covered the air. He reached out to his pocket to call 911 but a piece of shrapnel was going right through his phone. “I guess I will just have to wait a bit. I am sure people are looking for me.” contemplated Steve until he  was interrupted by the cry of a great grisly bear. The Bear was running towards him. He started runnning into the woods. But a bear is a bear and bears are faster than humans. He had only one choice, to hide near a beaver´s cove just aside the spring.  The grisly lost his scent due to the water and returned into the forest. 

“I guess you were wrong Dad.” Steve´s dad was a forest guard, he always believed that Bears could help humans and that we should learn from them. He was attacked by a Startled Bear that had lost one of her cubs to poachers. He used to say that someday Steve would learn from a Bear.

Steve realized after his adrenaline rush that he was completely lost in the forest. The forest had him now…